Diploma in Hospitality

The course provides you with the opportunities to have the chance to have internship in Singapore and provide you with the basic understanding for the hospitality program. Student will be studying in Singapore for 6 months and paid internship for 6 months. You may choose to study for a UK or Singapore certificate.

Upon graduated, student will be awarded with 2 certificate. Student may continue to further their studies or find a job in Singapore.

Diploma in Business Studies

The course offers you the basic foundation for business management. Student will be studying for 8 modules in 8 months in Singapore. Upon graduated, student is able to master the following:-

  • Business English
  • Introduction to Business and Management
  • Introduction to Business
  • Economic Environment
  • Information Technology Fundamental of Business Operations
  • Introduction to Finance Accounting
  • Introduction to Management Accounting
  • Marketing Management

Advanced Diploma in Business Management

For business minded student, they will enrolled to our advanced diploma course, not only they have the chance for the theory study, CAG will provide you with the training on real life business strategy and planning.

Executive Master in Business Management

For Directors and Manager, we provide you the flexi study at your own paced, own time, own place to upgrade yourself to the changing business environment. From planning, accounting to operations of the business structure.

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